At Citadel Café & Restaurant, a fast and affordable way to serve you is for you to order directly from us.  To place an order, call us NOW at (614) 710 – 1770 or you can access ‘My Menu Helper’ just by clicking HERE. We are open Monday – Friday 7AM – 6PM. Saturday 7:30AM-4PM

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Citadel Cafe Menu

Citadel Cafe Hilliard Menu Page 1Citadel Cafe Hilliard Menu Page 2Take a look at our specials below, then browse the full menu for our complete selection.

Special Platter

Item: Chicken/Gyro Platter
Price: Platter: $9.95 / Combo: $12.95

Chicken Shawarma

Item: Chicken Shawarma
Price: Wrap: $6.95 / Combo: $9.95


Item: Gyro
Price: Wrap: $4.95 / Combo: $7.95


Item: Falafel
Price: Wrap: $6.95 / Combo: $9.95

Roast Beef Sub

Item: Roast Beef Deli Sub
Price: Sub: $6.95 / Combo: $9.95

Home-Made Hummus

Item: Hummus
Price: Single: $4.95/ w/ pita: $8.95

Citadel Salad

Item: Falafel/Chicken Salad
Price: Single: $6.95/ Combo: $8.95

Cheese & Herb Roll

Item: Cheese Roll
Price: $4.95

Cheese & Parsley Flatbread

Item: Cheese Flatbread
Price: $5.95

Spiced Chicken Pocket

Item: Chicken Flatbread
Price: $5.95

Savory Beef Pocket

Item: Beef Flatbread
Price: $5.95

Spinach Pie

Item: Spinach Flatbread
Price: $5.95

Bacon/Sausage Egg & Cheese

Item: Bacon/Sausage Egg Cheese
Price: 4.95

Breakfast Burrito

Item: Citadel Burrito
Price: 7.95

Bagels w/ Cream

Item: Bagels
Price: $3.00


Item: Baklava Serving (1 piece)
Price: $1.35

Turkish Delight

Item: Turkish Delight
Price: Piece: $ 1.00 / Bar: $ 5.99


Item: 1 Donut
Price: $1.50

Fancy Donuts DZ

Item: Fancy DZ
Price: $19.95

Regular Donuts DZ

Item: Regular DZ
Price: $14.95

Crumb Cake

Item: Cake
Price: $2.95


Item: Muffin
Price: $2.25

Brewed Coffee

Coffee cup and sack with coffee beans on wooden background. Top view.
Item: House Coffee
Price: Small: $1.95 / Large: $2.30

Turkish Coffee

Item: Turkish Coffee
Price: $4.50

Café Latte

Item: Café Latte
Price: Small: $3.90 / Large: $4.90


Item: Cappuccino
Price: Small: $3.90 / Large: $4.90

Chai Latte

Item: Chai Latte
Price: Small: $3.95 / Large: $4.95

Mocha Latte

Item: Hot Mocha
Price: Small: $3.95 / Large: $4.95

Baklava Cappuccino

Item: Baklava Cap
Price: Small: $4.30 / Large: $5.30

Buckeye Latte

Item: Buckeye Latte
Price: Small: $4.30 / Large: $5.30


Item: Americano
Price: Small: $3.10 / Large: $4.10

Espresso Shots

Item: Espresso
Price: Single: $1.75 / Double: $2.50

Citadel Coffee Box

Item: Coffee Box
Price: $29.95

Hot Chocolate

Item: Hot Chocolate
Price: Small: $3.50 / Large: $4.50

Frozen Mocha

Item: Frozen Mocha
Price: Small: $4.30 / Large: $5.30

Iced Buckeye Latte

Item: Frozen/Iced Buckeye
Price: Small: $4.30 / Large: $5.30

Iced Coffee

Item: Iced Coffee
Price: Small: $2.95 / Large: $3.50

Fruit Smoothie

Item: Strawberry/Peach/Harvest Green
Price: $3.95
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